Iowa District Court for Carroll County

Carroll, IA

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online dispute resolution?

ODR is a way to resolve your case online without having to appear in court.

With ODR:

  • You can ask for an installment payment plan.
  • You can submit evidence to dispute your charge.
  • You can request an amended charge (without submitting supporting evidence).
  • If you cannot resolve your citation through ODR, you do not lose your right to a court hearing. You will need to appear on the date shown on your citation.

    What are the benefits of online dispute resolution?

  • You may be able to resolve your traffic citation without the time, stress, or expense that appearing in court may cost.
  • Itís convenient. You can participate anytime, day or night, anywhere, on your computer or mobile device.
  • Does using ODR affect my legal rights?

    No, you do not lose or gain any rights by choosing one instead of the other. However, using ODR may make it easier for you to negotiate with the prosecutor.

    How does negotiation work?

    In the program, you will have the chance to exchange information with the prosecutor.

    You can explore the possible resolution of your traffic citation together.

    You can submit an explanation, request a reduced charge, request a payment plan, or upload proof of compliance or supporting evidence.

    The prosecutor will review your proposal and email a response.

    How do I know if Iím eligible?

    Eligibility depends on your driving record, the citation type, and other criteria set by the court and law enforcement. Enter your ticket information to learn if you are eligible.

    Is there an additional fee for online dispute resolution?


    What happens if we are unable to reach a resolution online?

    You must appear in court on the date shown on your citation. If you do not appear, the court may find you guilty and impose additional costs.

    How will I know when a decision has been made?

    You will receive update notifications informing you of any developments with your case..