Picayune Municipal Court

Picayune, MS

Case Review Tips

1) What is online case review?

You can resolve your outstanding citation without having to come to court for a hearing. You are able to submit all necessary documents, proof of completion and make payment all online.

2) What are the benefits of online case review?

No need to take off of work, get a babysitter, call Uber for a ride, or otherwise inconvenience yourself because you will receive the same options online as you would in court.

3) How is it different online than in court?

The difference is the convenience. The same Judge, prosecutor, and court staff will be reviewing your case, whether online or in court.

4) How does it work?

You submit your request for your case to be reviewed, online. If your case is eligible for review via the online system and you wish to consider a plea agreement, then your request will be forwarded to the prosecutor.

You will receive back your plea options and can choose to accept or reject the offer. If you accept the offer, then it is routed to the judge for final approval. If you reject the offer, then a court clerk will set your case for trial and contact you about the next steps.

5) Is there a charge for online ticket review?

There is a $10 processing fee for the convenience of using this system. The prosecutor takes that into account when making plea agreement offers.

6) Why does the court allow online ticket case review and resolution?

The court wants to create a simpler and efficient environment for you to handle your case. You will be able to handle and manage your case quicker with less hassle.

7) How many days do I have to decide if I want to resolve my case using online case review?

You have until 4:30 PM on the due date listed on your citation to initiate the online process.

8) What cases are ineligible for online review and resolution?

The following citations are not eligible for online case review:

  1. Citations issued to juveniles (under 17 yrs old),
  2. Assault-family violence,
  3. Alcohol/tobacco/drug paraphernalia,
  4. Defendant (s) with a Commercial Driver’s License
  5. Citations issued for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle,
  6. or
  7. Move over for law enforcement .

These cases must be handled in open court so it is important to read your citation carefully and follow the instructions listed.

9) How will I know when a decision is made?

You will receive an email and/or text keeping you updated on the status of your case.

10) How will I know when a decision has been made?

We will email or text you, and we'll update the message on your status page when you come back to the website. As soon as we do, you will have to take action on the decision.

11) What happens if my request is rejected and I am unable to reach an agreement with the prosecutor?

You may pay the ticket or request a court date by mail or in person.

12) If I reach an agreement with the prosecutor, will I still have to pay a fine?

In the majority of cases, Yes. You may pay online, in person, by mail, or on the phone. Processing fees may apply.

13) How do I log-in to see if my ticket is eligible?

You must enter your citation number and your date of birth. You may also choose an alternate search method if given the option.

14) ) What happens if I receive an offer of a reduction or time to pay but fail to pay by the deadline?

No further requests will be reviewed online. You will need to contact the court for more information to see if you have a show cause hearing scheduled.

A show cause hearing is the opportunity to speak to the Judge and explain why you were unable to meet a deadline and make a request for an extension.

15) May I negotiate someone else’s ticket or warrant (i.e. client, spouse, child)?

No, only the person who’s name is on the ticket or warrant may negotiate or an attorney licensed to practice in the State of Texas (No 3rd party negotiation).

16) What is Matterhorn and Court Innovations?

Spun out of the University of Michigan Law School, Court Innovations Inc. is the maker of Matterhorn, this website. Courts license it to interact with the public, so that you have an opportunity to be heard without physically having to go to court!