DeKalb County Magistrate Court

Small Claims Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution: Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to register for ODR?

Yes, all small claims cases are required to register for and participate in ODR before being placed on a calendar for a hearing. To view the Magistrate Court ODR Order click here.

Is there a fee for ODR?

No, there is no fee for ODR.

Who participates in ODR?

The parties and/or their attorneys.

Do I need an attorney for ODR?

No, but you can hire an attorney if you would like to be represented.

What if I have an attorney?

You and your attorney have two options: Indirect Attorney Involvement: You can register for ODR and participate in the mediation without your attorney. You and your attorney can discuss any offer or agreement before you accept the offer or sign the agreement.


Direct Attorney Involvement: You and/or your attorney can register for ODR and participate in the mediation.

Do I have to reach an agreement?

No, you can reject any offer made by the other party.

What happens if an agreement is reached, but a party does not do what they agreed to do?

If a party does not do what they agreed to do, the other party or their attorney can file a motion (written request) with the Court asking the Court to enforce the agreement.

What if I need an interpreter?

Please contact the Clerk’s Office. Your case will be handled outside of the ODR Program to ensure appropriate language access.