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Online Ticket Review

Hamtramck, MI

Frequently Asked Questions General

What is online ticket review?

It's a way to have the city attorney to review your traffic ticket without having to come to court for a hearing.

What are the benefits of online ticket review?

You could get your charge changed to one with no driver's license points. And you can do it online rather than going to court!

How is it different online than in court?

It's not. There's a real city attorney on the other side, making decisions about your case based on the same criteria they would if you went to court in person. It just takes place through this website.

How does it work?

You submit a request online for a reduced charge. If you are eligible, the court will review your request and forward it to the city attorney, who then makes the final decision. You get a text or email with the result.

Is there a charge for online ticket review?


Why does the court allow online traffic ticket review?

Everyone makes mistakes. If you have a good driving record, the city attorney may be willing to give you a lesser charge that does not add points to your license.

Why should I care about points on my license?

Having points on your license can raise your insurance rates, subject you to driver responsibility fees, or result in a suspension of your license to drive.

What happens if my request is rejected?

You have 5 days to admit responsibility and pay the ticket, deny responsibility and request a hearing, or admit responsibility with a written explanation. More information is on the back of your ticket.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

It depends on your record and other criteria set by the court and law enforcement. Just enter your ticket information and do a search to find the eligibility criteria. If you are, submit a request. Whether your request is approved is entirely up to the court and law enforcement.

What does it mean if I am ineligible?

It could mean your ticket is too old, or that you have too many past offenses or open tickets. Try a search. If you are ineligible, we'll tell you why.

If my request is approved, will I still have to pay a fine?

Yes. The fine could change based on the new charge. Either way, you are still responsible for paying it.

How will I know when a decision has been made?

We will send an email or text as well as update the message on your status page when you come back to the website. Full payment is due within 3 days.

Frequently Asked DWLS Questions

What is Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) Online Case Negotiation?

It's a program offered by the 31st District Court that will help guide you through the necessary steps to clear your license suspension(s) and possibly resolve your pending Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) charge. Depending on your record and your individual situation, the court may extend a plea offer for a less serious charge, lower fines, or both.

Why should I use the program?

There are many steps to getting your license back, and to the legal process involved with a DWLS charge. This program will help walk you through those steps. You'll also get helpful reminders to keep you on track. And you can interact with the court online, reducing your need to physically go to the courthouse to speak to them.

Is there a fee for DWLS Online Case Negotiation?

No. You may be responsible for fines and fees owed to the court or the Secretary of State, just as you would without the online program, but there is no fee for utilizing the online program. It is a service of the 31st District Court to help you.

How does it work?

Simply visit the program site at www.courtinnovations.com/MID31 after you have been arraigned. The system will guide you through steps to get your license back. The program is based on an initial 56-day time frame for getting your license cleared, in some circumstances, you may get additional time as well depending on your situation. You must have all the steps completed and any fines or fees paid that are involved with your suspension. The prosecutor or city attorney will review your case, and then may extend an offer to plead to a less serious charge and/or one with lower fines.

Why does the court allow online negotiation?

The court understands that even good drivers sometimes have trouble paying their traffic tickets on time and as a result get their license suspended. This can lead to a DWLS multiple-offense cycle. The main goal of this program is to encourage suspended drivers to clear all of their suspensions and get their driverís license back so they can legally drive again. This tool helps make that process easier.

How will I know when decisions have been made about my case or my court date?

We will email and text you status messages throughout the process. Your case status webpage will also be updated.

What are the steps involved in getting my license cleared?

First, you need to find out where your license was suspended. If you do not know where the suspensions are, obtain a copy of your driving record at the nearest Secretary of State's (SOS) office for $11.

Second, clear the suspensions. Clear any unpaid tickets/fines in the court the ticket originated from. If driver responsibility fees are involved, arrange payment by calling the Department of Treasury at 517-636-5240. You may also have to pay a $125 reinstatement fee to Secretary of State.

Third, obtain a valid Michigan driver's license. After you've cleared your suspension(s), visit any Secretary of State's office to get your license. Check to make sure you have the appropriate identification and documents to get your license.

Once I have my license back, whatís next?

Go back to your status page in the system and let the court know your case is ready to be reviewed to see if itís complete. You have 49 days to make progress. If you make progress but are not complete, you may be allowed additional time. If you are complete, you'll be able to let the court know by visiting your personal status page and sending a message.

Helpful Contact Information:

Driver's Responsibility Fees questions: 517-636-5240

Reinstatement fee questions: 888-SOS-MICH or 888-767-6424

Branch office locator: https://services2.sos.state.mi.us/servicelocator/