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About 54B District Court Online Programs

Oct. 5, 2015

The 54B District Court, located in East Lansing, MI, is pleased to offer online options for our customers to resolve certain matters. Currently, we have:

  • An online ticket review process for eligible traffic and parking tickets issued by the East Lansing Police Department and other participating law enforcement agencies. This allows you to request a review of your traffic or parking ticket online at your convenience.
  • An online resolution to a warrant you have for your arrest for failure to pay fines and costs. This allows you to request a review of your warrant online and resolve your matter without coming to court or being arrested. Shortly after you log in and submit certain information, we will evaluate your eligibility and let you know by email or text message (your decide). If you are deemed eligible to participate, you can sign up to receive emails or text messages with the status of your review as well as the outcome.

We want you to resolve your matter with the court as conveniently as possible.


Andrea Andrews Larkin
Chief Judge
54B District Court