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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Traffic Citation FAQ

What is online citation review?

It's a way to have a police officer and magistrate review your traffic citation without having to come to court for a hearing.

What are the benefits of online citation review?

You could get your charge changed to one with no or fewer driver's license points. And you can do it online rather than going to court!

How is it different online than in court?

It's not. There's a police officer and magistrate reviewing your citation, making decisions about your case based on the same criteria they would if you went to court in person. It just takes place through this website instead.

How does it work?

You submit a request online for a review of your case. If you are eligible, the police officer reviews your request with additional eligibility criteria and makes a recommendation to the magistrate, who then make a decision. You get a text or email with the result.

Is there a charge for online citation review?

No. Standard text charges will apply.

Why does the court allow online traffic citation review?

Everyone makes mistakes. If you have a good driving record, the magistrate and police officer may be willing to give you a lesser charge that does not add points to your license.

Why should I care about points on my license?

Having points on your license can raise your insurance rates, subject you to driver responsibility fees, or result in a suspension of your license to drive.

What happens if my request is rejected?

You have 10 days to admit responsibility and pay the citation, deny responsibility and request a informal hearing in front of a magistrate (or request a formal hearing in front of a judge), or admit responsibility with a written explanation. More information is on the back of your citation.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

It depends on your record and other criteria set by the City Attorney and the Court. Just enter your citation information and do a search to find the eligibility criteria. If you are eligible then submit a request. Whether your request is approved is entirely up to the court and law enforcement.

What does it mean if I am ineligible?

It could mean your citation is too old, or that you have too many past offenses or open citation. Try a search. If your citation is not found and it has been at least five days, then please contact the court.

If my request is approved, will I still have to pay a fine?

Yes. The fine could change based on the new charge. Either way, you are still responsible for paying it.

How will I know when a decision has been made?

We will send an email or text as well as update the message on your status page when you come back to the website. Full payment is due within 10 days.

Warrant FAQ

What are the benefits of online warrant intervention?

Normally, when you miss the mandatory Order to Show Cause hearing date, a warrant is issued for your arrest. The court is willing to consider giving you a second hearing date. So submit your request now!

What is a warrant?

It’s an action on a charge against you and can result in your arrest if you do not work with the court to resolve it.

Why does the court allow online warrant intervention?

Because we all make mistakes, and the court is there to listen and help resolve cases.

Can I be arrested if I come to court?

Defendants with outstanding warrants are subject to arrest at any time. Individuals are encouraged to appear at the 61st District Court to take care of their cases and are generally not arrested.

Can I change my court date?

You must make every effort to attend the court date assigned to you. In rare cases, the court may be able to make an exception. If you absolutely cannot attend the date, contact the court. If you just fail to show up, a failure to appear warrant may be issued for your arrest.

I owe money. Am I still supposed to appear in court?

If you pay in full, you may not need to appear in court. You can pay, and then file a request for a new court date. If the court decides you do not need to show up, they will cancel your appearance date.

How can I pay the court?

If you have submitted your request for review, please do not pay until notified.

All fines and fees owed to the court must be received by the due date. You can pay by phone, online, by sending payment to the court, or by paying in person. Accepted forms of payment include approved personal checks, cashier's checks, and money orders. Restitution must be paid with cashier's checks or money orders. Phone payments are available by calling (885) 292-8925 anytime; Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted. You can pay online as well. For phone and online payments, transaction fees will apply.

Parking FAQ

I want to have my parking citations(s) reviewed. What information does the court need from me?

The court will have the necessary information about your citation from the citation number(s) submitted with your review. However, you can provide an explanation of your circumstances for the court to consider as well. There is a text box on your review page for you to provide comments and explanation.

What is the benefit of me having my parking citation(s) reviewed on this site?

The court will review your citation(s) details and explanation and may dismiss citation(s) or offer you a reduction in fines and costs. The court offers this online site as a convenience to you so that you do not have to travel to the courthouse for a hearing.

There are multiple citations listed on my search results. Does this request cover them all?

Yes, once you submit your request, the court will review all of the citations listed on the search results and these are the citations they are reviewing.

Once the court tells me the result of my parking citation(s) review, how long do I have to pay?

You have 10 days from the time you get the results of your review. You can pay online or by phone/mail/in person to:

Phone Payment: 885-292-8925


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