Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan
A service supported by the Michigan Supreme Court

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Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan

678 Front Ave NW Suite 250
Grand Rapids, MI 49504



Phone(616) 774-0121

Our Mission

We bring peaceful resolution to conflicts by providing expert and affordable mediation and training services.

Our Vision

Individuals and communities will resolve their disputes peacefully.

Our Values

The Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan provides its services and responds to community needs believing that:

  1. Peaceful resolution of disagreements and conflicts is possible to achieve.
  2. Mutual respect is the foundation of open and honest communication and the pathway to promoting a common understanding.
  3. Mediation creates a safe environment in which all perspectives are heard without judgment, respectful dialogue is encouraged and healthy communication is fostered.
  4. Mediation not only achieves resolution; it establishes the opportunity for reconciliation, for restoring relationships and for creating peace.
  5. Mediation is an avenue for restorative justice, for healing fractured relationships and for promoting peace.
  6. Individuals, families and communities can learn the skills necessary for living together peacefully.
  7. Individuals and organizations that promote peace contribute to the health and well-being of the communities of which they are a part.