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About Online Dispute Resolution

Hello and thank you for your interest in Online Dispute Resolution.

The court is happy to offer Online Dispute Resolution to you as a service of the court. Online Dispute Resolution is an easy and flexible way to resolve a dispute in a way that works for everyone. Most importantly, there is no cost to use the online system. Online Dispute Resolution can help you resolve your dispute in a way that can save the time and resources of a lawsuit and coming to court.

Please contact the court if you have any questions.

Welcome to Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). Online dispute resolution (ODR) is an online platform (OH-Resolve) that allows litigants an opportunity to mediate and resolve a dispute. The goal of ODR is to reduce in-person mediations and hearings by having parties resolve their cases online without having to enter the courthouse. ODR increases access to justice for self-represented litigants, decreases in-person hearing dockets for the judges, and reduces in-person mediation needs, administrative tasks for mediation administrators and court staff, and the time it takes to resolve cases.

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