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Yuma County Superior Court Conciliation Services provides mediation for legal decision-making and parenting time disputes for parents going through a divorce, legal separation, paternity or child support action.

Mediation is an informal process in which the mediator (a neutral third party) helps the parties communicate with one another. In Yuma County, a mediation of legal decision-making and parenting time disputes is encouraged by the judges. In fact, it is required in most Family Law actions where disputes over children are involved. Mediation provides an opportunity for parents to develop a parenting plan together. The focus of mediation is on co-parenting and having the opportunity to identify parenting solutions that work for both parents. Children do best when their parents cooperate with one another and have a structured parenting plan in place.

While not every family will resolve all disputes regarding the future care of their children, most parents find mediation useful in defining their continual responsibilities for their children and their ongoing co-parenting relationship. Explore the Help Center if you'd like to learn more before you get started.

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The Help Center has guides to creating parenting plans and answers to frequently asked questions.

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