61st District Court
Online Case Review

Grand Rapids, MI

***If you have submitted your request for review, please do not pay until notified.***

What are the benefits of online case review?

Itís free and you can do it at your convenience from home, work, school, using your phone, tablet or computer.

Here for a Traffic citation review? If you have a good driving record, the court may consider reducing your charge to one with no or fewer driver's license points. And you can do it online rather than going to court.

Did you get a post card in the mail about a Warrant issuance? Normally, when you miss the mandatory Order to Show Cause hearing date, a warrant is issued for your arrest. The court is willing to give you a second hearing date. So submit your request now by clicking the warrant button above.

Here for Parking citation review? Have the magistrate review your explanation online to review the details of your parking citations for a possible reduction in fines and costs. If you proceed with this request do not pay today until the review is completed and you are sent further instructions via text and email. It can take up to one week for your request to be reviewed.

Why does the court allow online case review?

To help you resolve your cases and citations quickly, when itís convenient for you. You donít have to wait for a court date, take a day off work or school, and itís easy to do online!