74th District Court
Online Case Review

Bay County, MI

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Court Innovations?

74th District Court Online Review system utilizes the Court Innovations platform that enables online case review. All decisions regarding your case are made by the 74th District Court.

What is Online Case Review?

Itís a way to interact with the court and prosecutor online to find a positive resolution for your case.

What are the benefits?

Judges and prosecutor have a lot of discretion. For example, prosecutors sometimes allow people with traffic tickets to keep points off your license, and judges have the power to clear up arrest warrants.

How much does Online Case Review cost?

This is a free service.

Do I need an attorney?

No. In fact, the Online Case Review is designed especially for people who are not represented by counsel.

Why does the court allow Online Case Review?

The court and prosecutor believe in an accessible judicial system. Online Case Review is a way to help people like you access the courtís resources online.

How does Online Case Review work?

You submit a request online, asking the court and prosecutor to review your case. Once they have made a decision about your request, you will be notified by email or text message.

Is this the same is pleading "not guilty?Ē

No. Online Case Review is about finding a resolution to your case that is acceptable to all parties.

What happens if my request is rejected?

If the judge or prosecutor decides not to allow you to resolve your case online, you will retain all the options you originally had for resolving your case.

What is "Past Due" for?

If you have a case of any sort that is not resolved or that you owe money on, and you are having trouble paying, click "Past Due." First, search for your case or cases. Next, you'll answer some questions about your financial situation. This will help the court determine a payment plan or other options for you to successfully fulfill your penalty and get outstanding legal issues behind you.

How do I know if Iím eligible?

It depends on your record and other criteria set by the court and law enforcement. Just enter your information and do a search to find out. If you are, submit a request. Whether your request is approved is entirely up to the court and law enforcement.

What should I expect to receive in my email notifications?

Communications will include a response if you requested a notification when your ticket is found and when a decision has been made. The Online Case Review system will never send an attachment or link you to any site that is not part of this system.

What is Traffic School?

When approved, you have two weeks to successfully complete the on-line traffic course. Failure to complete the course in a timely manner will result in your citation being on the original charge with the higher points reported to the Secretary of State.

Are there costs associated with Traffic School?

Yes. The course costs $39.95.

What is Matterhorn and Court Innovations?

Spun out of the University of Michigan Law School, Court Innovations Inc. is the maker of Matterhorn, this website. Courts license it to interact with the public, so that you have an opportunity to be heard without physically having to go to court! The court provides it as a service to you.