Rochester Traffic Violations Agency

Rochester, New York

What is Online Dispute Resolution?

What are the benefits of receiving a reduced plea offer online?

Itís a way to have a traffic prosecutor review your case for a potential reduced plea offer without having to appear in person.

How is it different online than in court?

It is not. There's a traffic prosecutor reviewing your case and making decisions about your case based on the same criteria they would if you went to court in person. It just takes place online.

How does it work?

A traffic prosecutor reviews your request and if you are eligible, the traffic prosecutor will make you an offer. You will be notified via email or text once a decision has been made.

Is there a charge for Online Case Review?

Yes. $8 per case. In addition, if the offer is accepted, and you wish to pay by credit card online, there will be an additional 5% charge on the total amount due. There is no additional charge for payment made by certified check, money order, or cash.

What happens if Iím not eligible for a reduced plea offer?

You will receive notification that your case has been rejected for online review and the reason for the rejection. If the traffic prosecutor has rejected your online case review because more information is needed, an in-person conference will be scheduled. The $8 fee is non-refundable. You will receive notification of the conference date in the mail. If the prosecutor does not make an offer for a reduced plea, you will be scheduled for trial. You will receive a trial date in the mail. If you do not appear at your trial, the JHO will make a decision and your license will be suspended.

Why should I care about points on my license?

Having points on your license can raise your insurance rates, subject you to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle Driver Assessment fees, or result in a suspension or revocation of your driverís license or privilege to drive.

Suspensions and revocations issued by NYS DMV are transferrable to almost all 50 states. If you are suspended or revoked in New York (even if you do not have a NYS Driverís License), you will almost certainly be suspended or revoked by any state where you are licensed to drive.

What happens if my request is rejected?

You have 10 days to plead guilty (you can explain) and pay the fine at the time you take the plea offer, or continue your plea of not guilty and an in-person trial will be set. More information is on your ticket. Once a trial date is set, there will be no further opportunity to conference with the prosecutor for a reduced charge/points and the matter will proceed to trial at the Agency. You are required to appear in-person for the trial.

What if I hire an attorney, will that change the offer?

No. The plea offer will remain the same, you will still have 10 days to accept or reject any offer from the prosecutor and your case will still be set for trial.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

Depends on your driving record. If your ticket(s) is related to a MVA, you are not eligible for a reduced plea offer online. You must appear for a conference with the prosecutor in person.

What does it mean if I am ineligible?

You are ineligible to use this system if you have too many traffic violations, involved in a MVA or due to the seriousness of the charge.

If my request is approved, will I still have to pay a fine?

Yes. Payment is due upon acceptance of the plea offer.

How will I know when a decision has been made?

RTVA will send an email or text, as well as update your status page when you return to the website.